A Cool Solution for Ice Machines

A packaging solution using a custom combination of value-added Laminations products results in substantial packaging improvements.

An ice machine manufacturer presented Laminations with a challenging packaging dilemma. They were using corrugated boxes to package their ice machines, which, for their application, were bulky, costly and hard for employees to handle. Their request was to develop a solution that used less packaging but delivered more benefits. At the same time, the solution needed to be more cost-effective.

The response was a highly engineered solution that uses a customized mix of packaging components to deliver precisely the performance the ice machine manufacturer needed.

The resulting packaging combination includes PF PalletTops® on the top and bottom, VBoard® on the edges and a special custom NotchBoard® brace that extends across the middle of the 700-lb. ice machine. All are stretch wrapped, and each intersection of boards stapled then stretched.

The custom NotchBoard brace is an integral component of this package, as it holds the proper tension on the package while offering an extra degree of protection for the delicate face of the equipment. Each brace is constructed of a piece of NotchBoard that is modified with an extra notch to form the appropriate bracing feature. It is strategically placed on each package so that it stops the stretch film from buckling the VBoard.

This unique custom packaging combination provides the stackability and protection the manufacturer needed, along with substantial cost savings per unit. The package was tested by placing a 900-lb. pallet “double stacked” on the packaged ice machine for an extended test period, and it maintained its performance characteristics under this pressure.

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