Outer Protection for Newspaper Inserts

Laminated paperboard PF PalletTop® offers numerous advantages over wooden pallet tops when used to protect printed materials.

A sheet of corrugated and a PF PalletTop are used in place of wood to cap a load of newspaper inserts. PF PalletTop unitizes the printed products on the pallet and protects them from damage when strapping is applied. The entire load is then stretch wrapped for additional unitization and protection.

More consistent in weight and quality than wood, the economical PF PalletTops can save as much as 4 to 11 pounds per pallet on freight costs. And the lightweight laminated paperboard pallet tops don’t crush printed products like wooden pallet tops often do.

In addition, the PF PalletTops are less cumbersome and safer for employees to use. The laminated paperboard pallet tops are easier for employees to lift and also eliminate the risk of splinters. Shipped folded to take up less storage space, they can be unfolded and applied in one easy motion.

On the receiving end, customers think that products shipped using the PF PalletTops look better. The unitizing aspects of PF PalletTops and stretch-wrap prevent the inserts from shifting during transit, keeping the pallet neatly cubed. PF PalletTop is also easy to recycle.

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