Industrial steel manufacturer eliminates shipping damage and loss

The Challenge

Stemcor Special Steels, based in Magnolia, Texas, supplies original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with alloys used to fabricate machinery for the global oil industry. In its four years of existence, Stemcor Special Steels has doubled its shipments every year. That kind of super-charged growth has been accompanied by some growing pains, including some pieces being lost or damaged in transit.

The Solution

Strength Protection

Able to ship all parts in one package, reducing lost parts


Reduced shipments that were damaged or bent in transit

Custom Fit Strength

Ability to hold heavy bars and eliminate the need for corrugate boxes


Easy to package, resulting in labor and time savings

The Bottom Line

Stemcor Special Steels has solved its shipping and product protection challenges by teaming up with Laminations. Our UCrate® product allows them to cut it to any length, package all the materials together and ship with confidence by truck or plane.

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