SIW Windows


  • Develop a packaging solution that reflected the high quality of SIW’s hurricane impact-resistant, aluminum windows and doors
  • Prevent products from being damaged during shipping


  • Great Northern Laminations® recommended Laminations’ VChannel, a three-sided, edge protection product, which could easily be integrated into SIW’s production process
  • VChannel® can be stacked on top of each other, efficiently using space and optimizing transport
  • VChannel® can also be quickly converted into UChannel® for optimal protection of SIW’s products
  • High quality printing was used to strategically place SIW’s logo on the packaging; reflecting SIW’s high-end brand


  • A durable product that keeps SIW’s windows and doors safe and secure
  • A branded product that accurately reflects the high quality of SIW’s windows and doors
  • Customers get a great first impressions of SIW’s products

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SIW Windows Success Story

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