Tuscan Iron Doors


  • Protect Tuscan Iron Entries’ 1,000-pound, custom-made ornamental iron doors during shipping
  • Cut down the 16-hour packing process
  • Lower the high cost of packing material


  • Used Laminations VBoard®, PF PalletTop® and FlatBoard®
  • Wrapped each door, added strategically placed foam cubes and banded the doors to the frame to keep all the pieces upright
  • Covered the entire pack in a white pallet wrap, preventing anything from getting inside the frame


  • Significantly reduced door damage during shipping
  • Shortened assembly time for the packs from 16 hours to six hours
  • Created a savings of 50 percent on packaging materials costs
  • Cut shipping weight on each pack by 10 percent to 15 percent, creating more storage space in their facility

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