VBoard® with ClipFoam®- Strength with Cushioning

Reduces excess packaging material to give the precise amount of protection needed

For applications that require both cushioning and strength, VBoard with ClipFoam® offers the ultimate combination: the durability and stacking strength of VBoard, combined with the cushioning effects of EPS foam.

This unique combination provides the exact packaging protection needed for safe transport through the distribution channel, making it a sustainable option for manufacturers seeking to reduce excess packaging components. At the same time, its see-through “Clear Case” design allows the primary product to be visible, promoting better handling of the product during transit, leading to fewer damaged shipments and returns.

VBoard with ClipFoam® is available in three standard sizes: 2″ x 2″, 2.5″ x 2.5″ and 3″ x 3″, in whatever density is necessary for your application. Customized sizes and configurations can be developed for special applications. It can also be customized with our standard print options, or you can custom print the VBoard with your logo or message.

ClipFoam® can also be used with PF PalletTop® around the tops and bottoms of pallets; with NotchBoard® for more precise corner production; with HydroShield™ for wet and humid environments; and with VGuard® for when smaller edge protectors are ideal.

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