EBoard – Frequently Asked Questions

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EBoard - Protective Packaging for ECommerce Shipments

Will EBoard continue to stick to the box as it makes its way through the rigors of the e-commerce supply chain?
Yes, the longer EBoard is on the box the stronger the adhesive bond becomes.

Will EBoard be affected by very hot vs. very cold temperatures?
There is a normal operating range within 50 degrees to 90 degrees for applications.

What sizes is EBoard available in?
EBoard is offered in 2” x 2” and 2.5” x 2.5”, and can be on different calipers ranging from .120” to .225”.

How do I cut pieces to various lengths?
There are many different ways you can cut down master lengths to the size needed, including a Tachit Cutter

How does the cost of EBoard compare to other Laminations solutions?
Eboard is a premium product so while the initial cost may be greater, it reduces labor time and the need for additional materials. There is currently nothing else like EBoard in the marketplace!

EBoard Packaging by Laminations

Can this be applied while wearing gloves?
Yes, when gloves are worn we recommend a snug fit, textured (rubberized grip or latex coated) glove to maintain dexterity in your fingers in order to peel back and expose the adhesive.

What are the order quantities?
There is a 1-pallet minimum. Samples for testing are available in single piece quantities.