Announcing New ISTA® 6 Testing Laboratory in Appleton, WI

ISTA Packaging Testing - Laminations

In the e-commerce marketplace, Great Northern Laminations is on a mission to help customers WIN. With that commitment, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new ISTA® 6 Testing Laboratory to Great Northern’s Appleton, WI packaging facility.

ISTA 6 Packaging Testing Lab

Here, our in-house certified ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) technicians can test and certify packages and fully loaded pallets to pre-determine if packages are optimally designed to withstand the rigors of the supply chain and if design modifications are needed. Our test equipment simulates drops, compression, impacts, and vibration. The rigorous testing will challenge package integrity, structure, and ability to withstand potential impacts and motions that could occur throughout the supply chain and delivery through the last mile.

Laminations VBoard® edge protection improves package integrity by providing extra strength to corrugated box edges and corners to prevent crushing and wrinkling. It is so strong, it can protect just about any product or package, no matter its size, weight or shape.  VBoard is also 100% recyclable and meets Amazon’s Certified Frustration-Free Packaging requirements.

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