Laminations’ E-Commerce Packaging Solution featured in Packaging World

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Better protection with less packaging? Packaging World’s recent article, Less Packaging, Great Protection with new Amazon-Certified Shipper features how Bullet Tools, a manufacturer of cutting tools for the construction industry, worked with Laminations to find a better packaging solution to improve package integrity and reduce material costs for its e-commerce shipments through Amazon.

Laminations and Bullet Tools’ packaging distributor, Multifab, re-engineered the packaging for Bullet’s EZ Shear product, transitioning it from a double-walled box to a single-walled box. In addition, the new solution eliminated corrugated inserts and reduced overall material costs by 40%. The 100% recyclable solution also met Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging standards.

Joshua Brand, Bullet Tools Purchasing & Inventory Manager comments in the article, “This solution stops the product from breaking through standard boxes without any extra assembly time. It’s cost-efficient, easy to store, and looks nice for the end-user.”

Learn more about Laminations’ e-commerce solutions here.

New packaging for Bullet Tools flooring cutter uses two laminated paperboard edge protectors riveted together that are placed into the bottom of the case for product protection.






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