Why Use Custom Engineered Solutions

Corner and edge protection materials

Choosing the appropriate corner and edge protection materials for shipping your products is crucial. No matter what you’re selling, the available solutions seem endless. Using a custom engineered solution can help ensure your products make it to the end-user undamaged.

With a wide variety of custom packaging options available, it can be difficult to decide which type of protection is best. Here are three benefits of using a custom engineered solution:

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Is Wood Crating Still the Best Option?

Alternative to Wood Crates

Wood crates are typically used to transport fragile, heavy or unusually shaped goods from one place to another. The main benefit of the crate is durability and customization by product, and due to the sturdy nature of wood, a lot of manufacturers use it for stacking strength.  

Packaging has substantially advanced in recent years but many industrial companies are still using wooden crates because that’s all they know. Most are unaware that there may be alternatives that offer more protection, greater efficiency and are cost-effective. 

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How To Help Your Customers Improve Their Packaging Sustainability

Improve your Packaging Sustainability

Sustainability is the hot topic of discussion when it comes to today’s packaging solutions. Everyone is looking for ways to utilize more effective designs to achieve the same amount of product protection while using fewer packaging materials to help reduce carbon footprints. 

Consumers are continuously looking for companies who are using eco-friendly and recycled and reusable packaging alternatives, prioritizing waste reduction. Manufacturers are looking for ways to ensure efficient transportation and delivery of packages while still utilizing sustainable solutions.

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Four Benefits of Innovative Corner and Edge Protection Solutions

Benefits of Edge and Corner Protective Packaging

Damage resulting from shipping and handling products can quickly change customer perceptions of your brand. Costly returns, potential loss of future orders, and negative reviews are just a few examples of what can happen when your product arrives damage and all can have a significant financial impact for your company. There are many advantages of using innovative corner and edge protection solutions, here are four. 

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What To Consider for Your E-Commerce Packaging

Packaging to Prevent Damage from Shipping

E-commerce sales are accelerating at a high rate which is creating new opportunities for many. However, shipping via e-commerce increases the risk for product to be damaged during transit. It has never been more important to protect products throughout the supply chain – from warehouse to doorstep. You need to have a package design that can withstand the rigors or cross-country shipping. Check out our packaging guide for a few things to take into consideration when choosing your corner and edge protection supplier.

Strength of E-Commerce Packaging Materials 
The last thing your end-user wants to see when their delivery arrives is a damaged box. Appropriate corner and edge protection plays a big role in preventing damage to your shipping boxes. Make sure your package is optimized to provide superior protection and has the strength to withstand the potential conditions and hazards that could be encountered.

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