Laminations to Showcase New Flexible Edge Protection at Pack Expo Las Vegas

FlexRoll® guards edges of sensitive rolled and cylindrical products from nicks and tears

APPLETON, Wis., Aug. 27, 2007—Laminations®, part of Great Northern Corporation’s Specialty Group, will showcase its new FlexRoll® along with its VBoard® family of paperboard edge protection products at Booth S-5126 of Pack Expo Las Vegas, Oct. 14-17, 2007.

FlexRoll is a cost-effective, lightweight product for keeping the edges of rolled products clean and free from abrasions, rips, wrinkles and smudges. Evenly spaced notches enable triangular fingers to bend quickly and easily around the edges of rolled and contoured products, acting as a barrier against damage during shipping, storage and handling.

Ideal for converters of paper and other roll stock materials where lighter-weight protection is appropriate, FlexRoll acts as a buffer that separates product from the walls and floors of trucks and warehouses. It also creates a barrier between the edges of stacked products.

Available in calipers of .040 and .050 inches, FlexRoll comes in rolls that are 250 feet long and is packaged two rolls per box. Custom sizes also are available.

“FlexRoll is recyclable, environmentally friendly and compatible with the packaging industry’s increasing utilization of sustainable practices and materials,” said Gary Hietpas, Laminations Vice President Marketing and Sales. “FlexRoll uses minimal material to protect edges and is compatible with other forms of roll packaging such as headers, banding and stretch wrapping.”

Along with its traditional VBoard products, Laminations also will be displaying:

  • QuikStik®— a self-adhering form of VBoard that temporarily sticks where placed to allow for easier stretch wrapping, banding and loading
  • HydroShield™ — a specially-coated VBoard that retains its protective and structural integrity in wet and humid environments

Laminations is a leading national manufacturer of laminated paper products for the shipping, packaging and warehousing needs of industry, with manufacturing facilities in California, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All of Laminations’ paperboard products are made from recycled fibers and are 100 percent recyclable.

Joining Laminations in its Pack Expo booth will be Rollguard® ( Also part of Great Northern Corporation’s Specialty Group, Rollguard is the industry-leading developer and supplier of protective packaging systems for rolled and cylindrical products.

Rollguard’s major product lines will be on display, including Rollguard® EPS Foam, Recycled Fiber, Narrow Fiber, Full Roll and Thermoformed cradles.

Business inquiries for Rollguard products should be directed to Janet Keyes, inside sales representative, at (800) 925-2626, (920) 997-6327 or

Inquiries for Laminations products should be directed to Gary Hietpas at  (800) 925-2626 or

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