5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Irregular Product Packaging

Packaging unusually shaped products effectively is vital to protect them from damage caused by knocks and handling. With the right tools and strategies, you can successfully avoid these five common packaging mistakes.

1. Incorrect Size and Shape Assessments

Assessing the shape and size of unique products ready for packaging is crucial. It will guide you on which packaging components and reinforcements to use. Suitable reinforcements can prevent the item from constantly getting jostled when handled and in transit.

2. Inadequate Cushioning and Padding

Adequate padding and cushioning buffer areas and items that don’t fit specific packaging models. When placing the item in its box or for storage, padding can prevent internal damage or unsightly marks.

3. Poor Material Selection

Choosing the appropriate material for your packaging can complement any cushioning you add. Rigid material protects valuable items in a box, while flexible material can help prevent smaller items from moving around.

4. Neglecting Customization Opportunities

Tailoring your packaging to fit an irregular product offers several benefits. Adding extra padding to hollow areas, wrapping, as well as layers all keep damage at bay. Neglecting to examine a unique product can cause breakage, marks and sometimes internal product damage.

5. Lack of Quality Control Checks

Having rigorous quality control measures for irregular product packaging can prevent items from getting damaged before you ship them. This way, you avoid losing your investments and product returns from unhappy customers.

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