Application Sell Sheets

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Heavier doesn’t always mean more durable
Laminations® solves company’s packaging problem with light, but durable, paperboard

I can see clearly now
Hurricane resistant windows and doors stand up to shipping and punishing weather, but still look good!

Heavy manufacturing meets it’s match
SURECrate® custom engineered solution.

Easy-to-assemble corner protection for worry-free shipping and double stacking
QuikCorner PalletTop® Streamlines Shipping Preparation.

No-hassle temporary shelving unit ideal for retail presentation
PalletTop™ Display is the fast, inexpensive solution for easy-setup and easy-takedown shelving.

UCrate® v. Shipping Tubes
UCrate® offers a more efficient alternative to traditional shipping tubes for long, narrow products.

UCrate® v. Wood Crates
UCrate® offers a lighter-weight, easier to handle, safer alternative to traditional wood crates for packaging long, narrow products.

The Sustainable Pallet Packaging Alternative—VBoard® Pallet Pack
An environmentally friendly, cost-effective method to unitize, stabilize and protect pallet loads and irregular-shaped products.

VBoard® with ClipFoam™—Strength with Cushioning
VBoard with ClipFoam offers the durability and stacking strength of VBoard, combined with the cushioning effects of EPS foam.

Quick-Fix Solution for Safety
QuikStik™ improves employee safety and helps meet guidelines: after being applied to a pallet load, QuikStik stays in place, allowing operators to stand clear of stretch wrappers/banders and out of harm’s way.

“Can Do” Perishables Protection
PF PalletTop® prevents spoilage of canned perishables by protecting easy-open cans from punctures and leaks.

Combating Damage Caused by Clamp Trucks
An innovative custom VBoard solution eliminates a problem that costs appliance manufacturers millions of dollars per year in rejected shipments.

A Cool Solution
A packaging solution using a custom combination of value-added Laminations products results in substantial packaging improvements.

The Ultimate Pallet Stabilization Combination
VBoard stabilizes pallet loads by helping to ensure even weight distribution.

Custom Products Score for Packaging Goals
Customized packaging ensures comprehensive protection for soccer goals during the storage and shipping processes.

Outer Protection for Newspaper Inserts
Laminated paperboard PF PalletTops offer numerous advantages over wooden pallet tops when used to protect printed materials.

Top to Bottom Protection
Versatile PF PalletTops can protect in many ways – from holding VBoard in place during stretch wrapping to preventing sharp objects from poking through corrugated.

Thinking Inside the Box
Adding VBoard to inside box corners increases stacking strength, protecting against compression.

See-Through Packaging Furnishes Multiple Savings
Switching from corrugated to see-through packaging saves money as it saves furniture from handling damage.

Window Dressings
VBoard, VGuard, FlexBoard and Riveted UChannels can all be used to protect windows and related products from shipping, strapping and handling damage.

V Ices Z for Frozen Crust Packaging
Light-caliper VBoard used inside cartons of frozen crusts separates the stacks of product to protect them from shipping damage.

VBoard: Insurance Against Transport Packaging Hazards
The VBoard family of edge protection products can help to counteract several potential transport packaging hazards.

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